$ 700.00

"From the eons of time an ancient evil rises to feast on the blood of the innocent. The Fiend Silicone Mask is designed with incredibly life-like detail and realism, making it the perfect Vampire Mask, Dracula, Nosferatu, Count Orlock or any hideous bloodsucker from your nightmares!"

Made of platinum grade silicone, this mask features an incredible all around fit, a full coverage bib and film quality detail down to the very pores! Cast in the same silicone used in feature films by the FX industry and colored using both intrinsic pigmentation and a multi-layered extrinsic painting technique, this mask has the same look and feel of human skin! Whether you want to fool your friends and family or add an amazing amount of realism to your Halloween costume, The Fiend Silicone Mask will bring film-quality realism to the character you have in mind. Hair work is available. Please contact us if have a custom style in mind as additional styles are often available at no extra cost.



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