The Basement FX was founded in 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been serving the Halloween and Haunted Attraction Industries worldwide. We offer the most highly realistic Silicone Masks and Fiberglass Faceplates in the industry. 

Jeff Cox
Founder and co-owner of The Basement FX. Jeff is lead sculptor, designer and painter for TBFX. Jeff is a self-taught artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who has been creating monsters since he was old enough to hold a pencil or a blob of silly putty. He began his artistic career with illustration, having published his work in magazines, designing indie metal album artwork and the The Serial Killer Calender. The advent of the silicone mask industry reignited his childhood passion for sculpture and Halloween and he taught himself sculpture, molding and silicone mask painting. Unsatisfied after having spent a few years in the industry, he decided to bring his unique vision and passion to provide the highest quality masks available by launching TBFX. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and pug. He has an arguably unhealthy obsession with zombies; he aspires to become one someday. 

Wesley Kyle South
Sculpture, Design.  Originally from Arkansas, Wesley is a graduate of the Tom Savini Special Makeup Effects School, in Monessen, PA. He has a background in film and the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industries. Wesley is the Lead Artist on both our Butcher Line of Silicone Skin Masks and mastermind behind our Heirloom Series of Fiberglass Faceplates, in addition to sculpting for our Silicone Mask lines.

The Basement FX provides the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industry, as well as discerning Masks Collectors, with the highest quality Silicone Masks available. We believe that Silicone Masks should be wearable works of art, true alternatives to award-winning SFX makeup. We are not content with providing just "film quality" masks. Instead, we are inspired to achieve the level of quality and realism that is worthy of an award-winning blockbuster. Our process from start to finish is designed specifically with the Professional Haunter and discerning Mask Collector in mind. Our goal as silicone mask fans ourselves, is to provide an incredible experience in every aspect, from design to "unboxing", for our valued clients.