To put your mask on, place each hand inside the mask around ear level.
Gently stretch  wide enough to fit over your head. Holding the mask out in front of you and tilting your head forward can make it easier to slide. With your hands still inside the mask, carefully adjust it into place.
Do NOT pull on the ears, nose, eyes or mouth to adjust the mask as it can cause the mask to tear. Once the mask is on, place your hands on the side of your head to gently adjust it in place. Please be careful not to apply stress to thinner areas of the mask, as this too can cause tearing. To remove the mask, slide hands inside the mask to ear level, stretch gently, and carefully lift off of your head. Again, tilting your head forward can help to ease it off of your head.
The eye-holes are designed to fit comfortably on most faces. If you would like to adjust them to better fit your eyes, we recommend turning the mask inside out, and using a small, sharp scissors to trim. When trimming, it is best to take off a sliver at a time as you can take away but cannot add back. Also, we recommend trimming the TOP of the eyes first and seeing if your fit is improved, before you trim the lower lid. Often times, this will result in a more custom fit, without changing the look of the mask.

We proudly create each mask using platinum-grade silicone by Smooth-On, Inc., that has been tested to have a shelf life over 20 years with proper care. You can store your mask at room temperature on a headform or in a box without affecting its shelf life. You can wash your mask using a soft cloth  with water and dish detergent and blot dry with a towel. Do not rub the surface firmly or with an abrasive material as this can cause paint de-lamination.
Thank you for choosing THE BASEMENT FX! If you have any additional questions about mask care, please contact us!