The Mephisto Fiberglass Faceplate

$ 200.00

The Mephisto Fiberglass Faceplate 
Designed and sculpted by Wesley Kyle South

"Every man before he dies shall see the Devil"
-English Proverb, 1560

All TBFX including our Heirloom Line of Faceplates with Fiberglass, metal and leather construction, are made to order. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for production. Production times can vary due to current order volume, so please contact us for the most updated production times.

Incredibly durable, each Faceplate in our Heirloom Line is a mask that can be passed down from generation to generation. A genuine tool of the trade (especially if your trade is shedding innocent blood!). Each mask is hand made, constructed of durable fiberglass, the same material used by professional costume designers and prop makers to produce the most iconic movie maniacs in film! Each piece is individually hand painted and distressed by our professional artisans for an authentic weathered look. Each Heirloom Faceplate features a heavy duty harness with two options to choose from:
-Fully handcrafted leather harness made from saddle leather, with all metal hardware.
-Industrial grade cotton webbing with leather and metal hardware.
Both harnesses are  aged and crafted to the same high quality standards for maximum realism!